Inaugural TXCA & CLE Show a Success in Shanghai

Posted October 18, 2019 at 11:48 am

The Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo (TXCA & CLE) closed its doors recently at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre after three successful days of business. A total of 25,202 visitors came to Shanghai to boost their business and grow their global network, according to a news release.

The organizers noted significantly more visitors than expected. “This edition was truly a success,” said Richard Li, general manager of Messe Frankfurt Shanghai Co. Ltd. “With more attention for sustainability and technology, RFID in particular, we were able to provide a product range that reflected what is currently going on in the laundry and textile care industry. The fact that a number of international companies joined us on the fairground, proves that with the merger of the shows, we are able to create added value for both domestic and overseas brands. Together with our exhibitors, we were delighted to see so many industry professionals gather in Shanghai. Visitor numbers were a lot higher than expected, and I think everybody will conclude that our show has positioned itself as a valuable asset in the market.”

The attendance of 311 international brands from 21 countries and regions highlighted the international character of the fair. To reflect the trends of the ever-evolving industry landscape, this edition put a strong emphasis on technology and sustainability. JENSEN used the platform to highlight its latest technologies.

“We use TXCA & CLE as an opportunity to work on our branding and do a lot of networking,” said Martin Rauch, chief sales officer, JENSEN-GROUP. “We were able to meet Chinese customers, but also people from West-Asia and a lot of suppliers and manufacturers. This show has reached a similar level as the fairs in Europe and the U.S. TXCA & CLE is probably the only trade fair where we actually get to place orders and close contracts, but that is not our main reason for being here. We want to show people what we’re doing and allow them to discover our new products. The main focus is on networking and presenting the company. The Chinese market is doing a generation jump from very simple machinery a couple of years ago, to fully automated processes, water reduction and labor savings. All the things that we implemented in Europe, we’re now seeing here as well. And there seems to be a lot of money out there from investors that are looking for opportunities.”

Additionally, TXCA & CLE presented a selection of seven key German industry brands to the audience, with Kannegiesser among that group. Next to that, a noteworthy amount of U.S. exhibitors attended the show, with brands like Ecolab and more showcasing laundry machines, water-treatment techniques, detergents and components.

“Kannegiesser was one of the initiators of Texcare Asia many years ago,” said Otto Burger, vice president of sales, Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH. “After the merger, TXCA & CLE is a very good platform to network and we’ve welcomed a lot of people to our booth. Kannegiesser has been in China for 15 years with its laundry division, and with the textile care division even longer. The market here is huge and it’s developing at a fast pace. Four years ago, customers were mainly focused on investment and price. But this mindset is changing. A lot of companies are prepared to invest more to be able to lower their operation cost, for example. There is a lot more focus on sustainability, which is also being pushed by the government. It’s a must and a very good signal, because it can help develop the laundry business.”

The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the advancement in production automation is resulting in an increased use of RFID in the laundry industry, and the Chinese market is following this trend. TXCA & CLE gathered a number of field experts to share their knowledge and experience. Attending brands included Datamars and Thermopatch, among others. They provided visitors with insights and information on the latest technological innovations.

“Our company provides solutions for traceability, based on RFID,” said Julien Buros, director of products and services, Datamars Textile ID, DATAMARS SA. “We attend TXCA & CLE because China is an important market to us. The increase in demand for RFID here is definitely picking up, so this show provides us with an excellent opportunity to tap into this potential. The textile care industry in China is changing. Europe and the U.S. already had a market for renting textile and today, the Chinese market is also moving towards this model. In that context, RFID is very important.”

TXCA & CLE is an annual event organized by the China Laundry Association and the China Light Industry Machinery Association from the industry, as well as Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and Unifair Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. The next edition of the show will take place from Aug. 6-8, 2020. To find out more details about the show, visit or email