Jackpot! Hospital Employee Returns $9K to Patient

Posted August 25, 2017 at 11:51 am

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A laundry employee at a Providence, RI, hospital recently recovered a large amount of cash, along with a patient’s passport, mixed in with clean healthcare linens inside a dryer, according to news reports. The hospital was able to locate the patient and return the belongings, the report noted.

Steven Ledo, a 19-year staff member at The Miriam Hospital, noticed money falling out of one of the dryers in the laundry room while working his shift. When Ledo investigated, he found a large number of bills spinning around in the dryer, adding up to a total of $9,100. Ledo also found the patient’s passport in the dryer. He turned in the money and passport to his supervisor.

Arthur J. Sampson, president of The Miriam Hospital, told the local ABC affiliate that the patient was “delighted” to get the money back. The patient’s name wasn’t revealed for privacy reasons.

The hospital plans to hold a ceremony on Aug. 30 to honor Ledo. “I am not surprised by Steven’s response at all,” Sampson said. “He is an honorable man. He’s been a long-term employee and this is well within his character.”

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