JENSEN Eyes Safety in German Plant

Posted July 14, 2017 at 11:46 am


The goal of Grenzland Laundry, Ahaus, Germany, is to employ persons suffering from severe disabilities, in particular those affected by combinations of conditions, provide them with qualifications, and accompany them at the workplace. As a result of its workforce, the laundry and its equipment supplier JENSEN must increase their levels of attention to keep staff members safely operating laundry equipment, according to a news release.

“We employ a workforce that makes mandatory social security contributions and around 40% of our employees are affected by severe disabilities,” Facility Manager Martin Kock said. “A part of our workforce has been categorized as requiring particularly high levels of support. For this reason, we provide qualified contacts for social support.”

The company’s 90 employees have 10 different nationalities – they include displaced persons from Iraq and Afghanistan. Grenzland processes almost nine metric tons (19,841 lbs.)of laundry for hospitals, retirement facilities and social enterprises. Hotels and commercial customers are also clients.

The plant has a Jenfold Butterfly Fox MF folding machine in operation at its plant, along with several other pieces of JENSEN equipment. In the wash aisle, the garments are transported into a tunnel finisher via an automated conveyor system for garment handling, JENSEN Metricon. The Jenform Omega Pro tunnel finisher puts the final touches on garments.

JENSEN is a reliable partner in terms of safety – for large companies as well as local operations, such as the Grenzland Laundry. However, safety is not only important for the machines themselves, but also during machine delivery and commissioning. “Thanks to parallel production we were able to maintain operation throughout the entire commissioning phase to fully prevent downtimes,” said Matthias Schrader, sales manager at JENSEN. “Our customer was enthralled.”