Lavatec Taps Industry Veteran as Regional Sales Manager

Posted October 16, 2020 at 12:41 pm

As part of an organizational restructuring effort designed to strengthen its sales presence in North America, Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc. recently named John Pabalan as regional sales manager for the Southeast. Based in Florida, Pabalan will report directly to President and CEO Mark Thrasher.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged everyone in our industry, and it gave me an opportunity to reassess what we could do better,” Thrasher said. “I determined that our sales territories needed to be reshaped, so we can better service our customers. Hiring John is the first step in this new direction. I think his 23 years of experience in the commercial and industrial laundry industry will help us achieve our new set of goals.”

After military service during the Gulf War, Pabalan pursued a career in the private sector. He worked for 20 years at Kemco Systems Inc., beginning as a sales engineer in 1997. He joined American Laundry Systems in 2003 as vice president of engineering. Pabalan says his background and degree in engineering has played a key role in his success. “With an in-depth understanding of the purposing and engineering of laundry facility systems, I approach each challenge analytically,” he said. “This results in the development of viable, measurable solutions that save time, energy and water consumption.”

Pabalan returned to Kemco in 2007 as a regional manager. He later advanced into the corporate leadership of that company. Around this time, he met Thrasher and the two supplier professionals developed a rapport that helped him understand Lavatec’s place in the industry. “Seeing Lavatec transition several years ago under Mark’s guidance, and his engagement with the team today, reflects a high level of entrepreneurship and a tenacity for achievement,” Pabalan said.

As for his own role, Pabalan noted that, “The immediate challenge to the industry is the precautions that have evolved from COVID-19, impacting business interaction and producing a ‘new normal.’ In the next six months, I intend to develop new customer partnerships and cultivate existing customer satisfaction.”