Loop Linen Marketing Goes ‘Social’

Posted September 1, 2015 at 9:53 am

It’s OK to be a laundry guy and not a marketing wizard, says Entrepreneur magazine. And Scott Burke, president of Loop Linen, agrees. When it comes to marketing, it takes more than running on instinct to produce that ad campaign. It takes time, resources and expertise that laundry operators don’t always have at their fingertips. Recently, Burke, one of the winners of the Capital One Spark Plug campaign, weighed in on small business marketing opportunities and lessons learned in a recent interview for the online journal.

While Loop Linen has had success with print advertising over the long term, spending ad dollars on the Internet has been another story. Burke tried several local web-development and search-engine-optimization services and “wasted money on ideas from salespeople whose No. 1 priority was their commission check.”  It’s very important to work with the right marketing partner in today’s specialized world, one that has a critical understanding of what you do, he said.

Fortunately he found a company—by luck—that had that expertise in online marketing and knew his industry. “Their team had a background in our business,” Burke said. “They understood our challenges and what we were trying to achieve. After seeing the return on investment from their referral service, we expanded our relationship with them, which included digital advertising, social media, lead generation and other agency related projects.”

When making the decision about spending your ad dollars, it’s important to note that marketing is a specialty. Don’t make the mistake, says Burke, of trying to do it on your own. Click here for details.