Mayo Clinic Not Insourcing Laundry

Posted July 22, 2016 at 1:00 pm

Recent articles in Rochester, MN, media outlets have speculated that a move by the Mayo Clinic to develop a “linen services depot” in a former U.S. Postal Service building that it owns there is a signal that the healthcare group was planning to bring its laundry services in-house.

The Mayo Clinic quashed that rumor in a recent statement picked up by local media: “This is an ongoing process improvement for our linen services to support Mayo Clinic’s growth and existing linen management practices,” said Kelley Luckstein, a media relations representative for Mayo Clinic. “The depot’s function is designed to support Mayo Clinic’s Midwest linen inventory needs and has no effect on the Textile Care Services relationship.”

Textile Care Services (TCS) President Paul Jewison confirmed in an e-mail exchange with Textile Services Weekly that the establishment of a depot will have no impact on his company’s work for Mayo Clinic. Jewison said he was pleased that Mayo Clinic officials have now made that fact clear to local media outlets. Click here for details.

TCS is a longstanding member of TRSA, and Jewison is an active member of the Healthcare Committee. He’s contributed through numerous panel presentations, articles, industry roundtables and other efforts to help the industry enhance service and quality for end-users of rental or customer-owned textile products in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

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