Mission Eureka (CA) Aids Kids’ Coat Drive

Posted January 26, 2017 at 11:31 am

Mission Linen Supply’s Eureka, CA, plant recently participated in a coat drive for underprivileged children that’s drawn a broad base of support in that community in Northern California.

The idea for a volunteer drive to donate coats to area people in need drew on the inspiration of Robert Lohn, an area resident who got the idea when he was returning toys to a department store. While awaiting his refund, Lohn saw a rack of winter coats marked down for a quick sale, according to a local news report.

“I noticed there was a rack of coats that said 70% off,” said Lohn. … “I could buy these coats for $12 (I thought); my grandsons don’t need these toys. I’m taking the money and I bought 20 new coats for $260. I took them to the Rescue Mission. In the 15 minutes it took me to get home, I formulated the whole concept.”

Mission Eureka General Manager Dennis Pieper praised the program for its good work, as well as the community dynamic it’s inspired, especially among young people. “This is indeed a very good program for our community and especially all of the children that it serves with a clean used jacket and sometimes new purchases,” Pieper said. “The program has grown tremendously and the neat thing is that so many elementary, middle school, and high school kids are involved in the process in some way. It's nice to see kids volunteering and helping others.”

The coat drive has grown rapidly ever since with a variety of individuals and businesses lending a hand, including Mission Linen, which launders donated coats at no charge. In the nine years since the program dubbed “Coats for the Cold” was launched, the group has distributed roughly 20,000 coats, sweatshirts and similar items to children and adults in need. Distribution is handled by a local school district and the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods. Click here for details or go to www.coatsforthecold.org