Mission Linen Gets Chamber Award

Posted January 13, 2017 at 4:01 pm

Mission Linen Supply, Santa Barbara, CA, is set to receive Carpinteria’s (CA) Large Business of the Year award at the city’s Community Awards Banquet on Jan. 21, according to media reports.

“Every organization that I personally know benefits from Mission Linen’s philosophy of giving back to the communities in which they live and work,” said Terry Hickey Banks, a Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce board member. “Their philosophy is not just words. They truly live it.”

Staff also matters to Mission Linen, as evidenced by the average employee’s tenure of 15 years. Curtis Lopez has worked for Mission Linen for 27 years. He managed various plants and rose through the company ranks to his current position of purchasing director. An active member of the Carpinteria community, Lopez is a longtime member of the Carpinteria Lions Club and a board member for the Carpinteria Education Foundation and Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Through Lopez, Mission Linen has become a prominent sponsor and in-kind donor to a wide array of Carpinteria causes. Lopez said that it’s part of what makes the company unique and brings him pride in his work. “They give us the liberty to help,” he said.

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