Mission Linen Touts Sustainable Practices

Posted May 28, 2015 at 5:22 pm

As severe drought grips California, Gov. Jerry Brown’s Executive Order B-29-15 has declared an historical state of emergency, and requires that all businesses immediately implement substantial water-conservation processes. While that could impact the bottom line of many businesses, eco-friendly companies such as Mission Linen Supply, Santa Barbara, have based their entire business model on sustainability practices and long championed environmental stewardship, according to a recent news release.

“As a company, Mission is prepared to comply with the executive order while continuing to provide quality products and outstanding service to our customers,” said Mission Linen President and CEO John Ross. “We see this as an opportunity to help educate other businesses. By leveraging our services and utilizing the space they have for on-premise laundries, other businesses could actually increase their revenue potential while complying with the executive order. That's a good thing.”

Mission Linen’s resource conservation practices have been in place for 40 years. They include reusing and recycling products in order to eliminate waste, implementing energy efficiencies, including the use of alternative fuel vehicles, and cutting back significantly on water consumption.

For example, the company formed a Mission Water Reclamation Service in the early ‘70s to build water reclamation projects for industrial launderers. Plants that have been retrofitted with wastewater pretreatment systems and more energy efficient equipment are recycling an estimated 23% of their water. The company’s heat reclamation and water reuse programs save an estimated 51 million gallons of water per year.

Mission Linen Supply’s facilities also reuse rinse water as wash water, which uses about half the amount of water per pound compared to OPLs or residential laundries, according to a company news release. By removing harmful waste products from the water before it goes down the drains, the company has reduced its load on sanitary wastewater treatment facilities.

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