‘New Unis’: Aramark Offers AA a ‘Plan B’

Posted May 12, 2017 at 11:11 am

Ongoing issues with its new uniforms has led American Airlines to seek alternative options for its flight attendants to wear on the job, according to media reports.

In September 2016, American Airlines unveiled 1.8 million new uniforms for pilots, flight attendants, gate agents and ground workers. After the rollout, some flight attendants began reporting allergic reactions to the uniforms such as hives, headaches and rashes. Within a week, American set up a hotline for employees to report problems with the uniforms. The airline has received reports from more than 3,200 attendants to this hotline, according to the article.

As a result of these issues, American has offered several nonwool options from Twin Hill, the vendor that made the original uniforms. In March, the airline announced it also was offering an alternative option manufactured by Aramark. The American Professional Flight Attendants Association (AFPA) reported that more than 7,000 flight attendants have already ordered the Aramark uniform.

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