Novozymes Makes ‘Change the World’ List

Posted September 16, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Fortune magazine recently announced its “Change the World List,” for 2016. This group of 50 global companies were selected because they’re “taking on society’s biggest problems – and making money doing so.” The magazine named TRSA associate member Novozymes to ninth place on the top 50. A Danish biotechnology company with a U.S. office in Franklinton, NC, Novozymes produces industrial enzymes for a range of products, including detergents used by industrial laundries.

“We look at sustainability and profits as one conjunction,” said Novozymes CEO Peder Holk Nielsen, in a Fortune profile of companies included on the list. “Our task is to do more with less.” The article added that Nielsen believes his company’s duty is to help industries make their products, ranging from detergents to animal feed, more eco-friendly. Novozymes has helped its customers save 60 million tons of CO2 emissions, improve their water efficiency by 9% and energy efficiency by 15%, the article said. Click here for details.