Novozymes Recasts Corporate Structure

Posted February 19, 2016 at 1:18 pm

Novozymes A/S, a Danish supplier of enzyme products for laundry detergents, ethanol production and other applications, recently announced a move to reorganize the company into three divisions, according to news reports.

The redesign of the company’s corporate structure is intended to spur innovation, while enabling Novozymes to move quickly in response to market trends, the reports said. Going forward, the company’s divisions will include: Household Care & Technical Industries, Agriculture and Bioenergy and Food & Beverage units. Each division will receive support from a central Research, Innovation and Supply organization, headed by COO Thomas Videbaek.

Costs associated with the reorganization range from DKK 60 million to DKK 70 million ($8.9 million – $10.4 million). Click here for details.