NY Hotel Laundry Gets Nearly $1M in Tax Breaks

Posted July 5, 2016 at 3:05 pm

A new outsource laundry for hotel bed and bath linens in Mt. Vernon, NY, recently got a green light from city officials in the form of $958,000 in tax breaks and deferrals over a 10-year time frame, according to news reports.

Regent Hospitality Linen Services, based in Queens, NY, is poised to invest $6.1 million in a laundry in a warehouse property at 130 S. Columbus Ave., the reports said.

The owners, Mandy Lema, Xiao Dong Zhao, Joseph Huang and Ingrid Almanzar, told city officials they’ve already lined up hospitality customers in metro New York, in addition to servicing hotel properties that they own. The owners assured city officials that the tax deferrals constitute a sound investment in private local development. “Hotels can’t operate without bedsheets,” said Lema during a public hearing in late June. “It’s a necessity.”

The tax breaks also will help move the new laundry from concept to reality. Officials of the city’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA) agreed to defer taxes until 2018, so that the laundry can begin operations, including the hiring of 25-35 employees in the first year and another 10-15 employees in the second year. Click here to learn more.

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