OSHA Puts Alleged Violators ‘on the Map’

Posted August 21, 2015 at 11:35 am

If the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) charges your company with major fines (anything over $40,000) for health and safety violations, you can expect not only to defend against the citations, but also to have them made public via the Internet, according to news reports and OSHA.

Click here to see OSHA’s new map, which lets Web visitors click on any state and see a list of alleged violators whom the agency has charged with major fines. Unveiled on Aug. 17, the map lists every penalty over $40,000 that OSHA has issued in each state since Jan. 1.

Site visitors can access additional details, including the name and location of the employers cited, the penalty amount and the date it was issued. Additional information includes the specific violations facing each company.

Enhanced safety awareness and proactive-prevention efforts are the best ways to keep your company’s name off OSHA’s map. An excellent place to start is TRSA’s annual Safety Summit. TRSA stages the summit each spring to help operators and suppliers learn the latest techniques from cutting-edge safety experts, as well as industry peers who’ve broken new ground in incident-prevention efforts. The 2016 Safety Summit is slated for May 11-12 at the Westin Kansas City, MO. Click here to learn more.

TRSA also offers an array of other safety-compliance and incident-prevention resources, such as our:

To learn more, including information on TRSA’s Safety Committee and its incident-prevention programs, contact Bill Mann at bmann@trsa.org