Penn Emblem Mexico Staff Join Christmas Parade

Posted December 17, 2015 at 2:27 pm

About 20 employees from Penn Emblem Co.’s Mexico branch in Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico, recently pooled their efforts for three weeks to assemble a float that they put on display in a local Christmas Parade. The parade, held on Dec. 6, serves as the kickoff to the holiday season in the town, according to a news release.

“This year, we created a float with a ‘toy factory’ theme,” the release said. “The parade includes the whole community and ends in the center of town called ‘La Plaza,’ where the Christmas tree, almost 50 feet tall, gets turned on for the first time.” Several Penn employees also rode on the float and threw candy to the crowds of children lining the streets as the parade moved through the town. “A big thank you to everyone who participated,” the release added.

Sponsored by the municipal government, the parade is a longstanding tradition in Santa Ana. It’s a big draw for local families eager to begin the holiday season. Local schools and companies are invited to participate and many seize the opportunity to build theme-based floats decorated with colored lights and Christmas ornaments. Other parade participants drive vehicles decked out in holiday finery.