Plymate Expansion Effort Moving Forward

Posted February 12, 2016 at 12:56 pm

Plymate Inc., Shelbyville, IN, recently received a sign-off from the Shelby Country Board of Zoning Appeals for a new construction project related to an ongoing expansion plan, according to a local news report.

The board unanimously approved a request from Plymate to reduce the “setback,” i.e., the distance normally required between a structure and a property line or street, so that Plymate can tear down a portion of its building that juts out, the article said. The company will rebuild this section in another part of the building. During the reconstruction effort announced last summer, company officials determined that an area of soil was contaminated. This discovery triggered the move to relocate this section of the building. The area had housed underground storage tanks that were removed in 1986.

Plymate is voluntarily leading a cleanup of the area, a move praised by Plan Commission Director Dann Bird. The soil-removal effort should be completed within 30-60 days, said Fred Stubbe, vice president of operations for Plymate.

Meanwhile, contractors have completed about 80% of the main expansion project. Plymate is expanding the larger of its two plants to enhance its competitiveness. Stubbe said the work should be completed in about a month, at which time the company will begin installing new equipment in its expanded production facility. The expansion is expected to create at least five new jobs. Click here for details.