Restaurant Association Provides Tips on Cleaning Procedures

Posted September 25, 2020 at 11:51 am

In honor of National Food Safety Month this September, the National Restaurant Association recently highlighted best practices for cleaning and sanitizing restaurants. Of note for food-and-beverage launderers is the association’s guidance on how to properly use cleaning cloths.

The article noted that restaurateurs should use cleaning cloths properly by doing the following:

  • Never use cloths that are meant for wiping food spills for any other purpose.
  • Store wet wiping cloths used for wiping prep tables and other equipment surfaces in a sanitizer solution between uses.
  • Use dry cloths if you’re using them to wipe food spills from tableware, such as from a plate or utensil during service.

Other tips for cleaning and sanitizing restaurants include:

  1. Use cleaners the right way
  2. Use sanitizers the right way
  3. Clean and sanitize surfaces correctly
  4. Clean and sanitize surfaces when required
  5. Use foodservice chemicals safely

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