Shore Hotel Installs Water Recycling System

Posted October 6, 2015 at 2:12 pm

Shore Hotel, Santa Monica, CA, recently installed an AquaRecycle laundry water recycle system that will allow the hotel to reclaim and reuse its laundry wastewater, according to a news release. The hotel will reduce carbon emissions and its laundry water usage by 80 percent, the release noted.

“California is in a four-year drought, and as we sought ways to answer Gov. Brown’s call to conserve water, our engineering team looked for ways to reduce our water usage on property,” said Shore Hotel General Manager Joe Velasquez. “AquaRecycle allows the hotel to recycle our laundry wastewater, which results in not only a cost savings, but water, energy and emissions reduction, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.”

During the last 10 years, AquaRecycle has recycled more than three billion gallons of laundry wash water, according to the release. The company has installed 150 systems and it expects to break 200 systems installed in the next year, the release said.

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