Superior (OK) Aids Ex-Felon Job Program

Posted February 17, 2017 at 1:26 pm

A new program in Muscogee, OK, designed to help rehabilitate people leaving prison has received support from local nonprofit groups, city officials and businesses, including Superior Linen Service, according to news reports.

The program, dubbed “Getting Ahead While Getting Out” is jointly sponsored by the city of Muscogee and the Gospel Rescue Mission. As part of the program, one graduating ex-convict is now working for the city, while another is working for Superior Linen Service. The 10-week program involves teaching life skills to ex-offenders and helping them determine what actions are likely to lead them to commit more crimes, so they can avoid those behaviors, said Rich Schaus, executive director of the Gospel Rescue Mission.

“The program is designed for people with prior felony convictions who want to find stability and be able to support themselves,” Schaus said. Click here for details.