TRSA Addresses ‘Clean Act’ with NYC Council

Posted October 23, 2015 at 11:50 am

(l/r) TRSA Vice Chairman David Potack, New York City Council Member Andy Cohen and TRSA Board Member Alexis Miller.

TRSA Vice Chairman David Potack, TRSA Board Member Alexis Miller and TRSA Vice President of Government Relations Kevin Schwalb were in New York City recently to address the significant negative impact NYC Council Bill 697, the Clean Act, would have on the industrial laundry industry.

The TRSA delegation met on Oct. 20 with Council Members: Ydanis Rodriguez, Costa Constantindes, Andrew Cohen, Daniel Garodnick, Mathieu Eguene, Ben Kallos, Laurie Cumbo, Mark Levine, Maria del Carmen Arroyo and Andy King.

During the meetings, TRSA’s delegation reiterated TRSA’s opposition to the bill, which would require commercial laundries to obtain a New York City License with the Department of Consumer Affairs. The license would require any commercial laundry that either operates in or delivers to the five Boroughs of New York City to pay a license fee.  The bill would also require the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs to establish cleanliness standards for laundries to meet – the first such regulation of its kind – something the DCA has acknowledge it doesn’t have the capability to do.

In each meeting, the members of the Council said they appreciated hearing this information and committed to help TRSA address this legislation.