TRSA Conference Cancellation Generates Support for Hurricane Relief

Posted September 12, 2017 at 2:36 pm

September 12, 2017—Although TRSA was forced to cancel its Annual Conference this week in Miami due to Hurricane Irma, there’s a silver lining: the association will make a significant contribution to relief efforts in areas affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

While offering to refund all registration and sponsorship fees, TRSA has asked members to donate all or a portion of these fees to support local charities. Roughly half have committed their Annual Conference registration and/or sponsorship fees to local charities and as a result of this generosity, TRSA expects to donate approximately $125,000 on behalf of its members to ongoing relief efforts in Houston, Miami and elsewhere in Florida in the aftermath of these powerful storms.

Already, several hundred homeless residents were given welcome boxes that had been packaged for conference attendees.

“It’s very sad that for the first time in living memory, bad weather has forced TRSA to cancel our Annual Conference,” said TRSA President & CEO Joseph Ricci. “In an effort to make the best of an unfortunate situation, our members have stepped-up by contributing their registration and sponsorship fees to help the association make a significant contribution to the local economies and to people in need.”

“We are all very fortunate that we have not had to endure the hardships of our fellow Americans that reside in Houston and those impacted on the East Coast,” said G.A. Braun President Joe Gudenburr IV.  The company is donating all of its TRSA conference registration and sponsorship fees. “The country is in need of unity, and we all need to look after our fellow man/woman/child in times of hardship and need. This is a nominal contribution that will hopefully be matched by many so that those in need can get some relief.”