TRSA Highlights Certifications at CleanMed

Posted June 9, 2023 at 1:33 pm

TRSA certification staff recently promoted Clean Green-certified linen, uniform and facility services companies at CleanMed, the premier national conference for leaders in healthcare sustainability. The Pittsburgh event put Clean Green providers in the same league as other climate-smart innovators, such as those who run “green” operating rooms, supply renewable-energy infrastructure and more. It was a rare opportunity to position the industry at the forefront of promoting environmentally responsible healthcare.

Though many curious onlookers peeked at the TRSA booth, several who were interested in the information TRSA had to offer stopped by. These visitors ranged from the CEO of Blue-Zone Technologies (a sustainable anesthesia producer), a manager of Integrated Facility Design at Nemours (a regional healthcare system in Delaware), the category manager at Stanford Healthcare, plus other attendees whose backgrounds reflected an array of specialties and markets in the medical field. While scores of people stopped briefly at the booth, about 50 or so attendees took the time to engage with TRSA staff. While each attendee was curious about specific information related to their niche market sector, TRSA retained its focus on providing each visitor with a clear overview of the benefits and unique features of Clean Green Certification (as well as Hygienically Clean certification). Specifically, TRSA explained that the Clean Green certification ensures that certified facilities/plants meet quality standards for effectiveness in conserving resources and minimizing their environmental impact. Both of those issues served as major impact points at the conference. Facilities/plants must meet water and energy conservation standards and deploy best-management practices (BMPs). While any company can say they practice sustainability, Clean Green certification ensures that the sustainability efforts of a company are proven based on the standards and practices that Clean Green certification requires.

Booth visitors listened to TRSA’s message and goals with interest; for some, it was their first time they’d heard about this environmental certification program for laundry operators. Though the linen, uniform and facility services industry may have been a bit of an outlier in the scope of industries represented at Clean Med all who attended had the same passion and goals as TRSA. Some asked if the linens their facilities receive are up to Clean Green standards. Questions ranged from general queries about certification to more specific queries on the inspection process, how we hold companies accountable, the science behind our data, etc. While TRSA certification staff answered most of these questions personally, some attendees took advantage of a scannable QR code on pamphlets and banners to visit the Clean Green section of the TRSA website for more information on certification.

CleanMed 2023 featured a wide variety of programming in its agenda, and while all of it was tied to healthcare, it was interesting to see the multifaceted topics discussed at the May 23-25 conference. The conference featured more than 40 sessions, from topic-specific guidance to interactive workshops and more. Highlights included reducing plastics and addressing infection-prevention perceptions, among others. In short, CleanMed gave TRSA’s certification staff, Senior Director Samlane Ketevong and Associate Eric Rockwood a great opportunity for outreach to environmentally focused players in the healthcare sector.

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