TRSA Visits Local Alsco Plant

Posted August 6, 2015 at 5:25 pm

TRSA staff continued our longstanding practice Aug. 6 of visiting the Alsco Inc. facility near the association’s headquarters (both in Alexandria, VA) for orientation to our industry and observation of emerging textile services business practices, a valuable educational experience for both newer and veteran TRSA employees.

The facility had transformed from a National Linen Service location when Alsco acquired that company in 2006. More recently, with the plant’s location in the heart of Alsco’s Virginia and Maryland service territory, it’s served as the hub of the company’s activity in the region as it has absorbed nearby operations of Linens of the Week, a 2012 acquisition.

Guides for the visit were Alexandria-based Alsco GM Jon Ambler and Chief Engineer Tobey Hubbard, joined by Corporate Engineer Reg Gehrke.

Visiting the facility was particularly eye-opening for Tim Farrell, one of two interns TRSA has hosted this summer, each working part-time for six weeks at the association’s headquarters. He and Larkin Green, both rising college juniors, have provided administrative and creative support while TRSA has taught them about the association management field in the context of the textile services industry. Earlier this summer, the interns visited Nixon Medical Wear in Beltsville, MD, where GM Mary Hadley and Plant Manager Tammy Goldman guided them.

Thanks to both Alsco and Nixon for their enriching hospitality.