UniFirst Passes Textile Test with Flying Colors

Posted July 14, 2016 at 6:02 pm

UniFirst Corp. recently announced independent test results that show the company’s specialized laundering processes for healthcare and food-industry garments reduced bacterial contamination levels on workwear by more than 99.9%, according to a news release.

Tests indicate that UniSafe® Service for food-related business and the UniFirst Garment Service for Healthcare can return employee work garments to customers in hygienically clean condition and virtually pathogen free, the release said.

Scientists with the North American Science Association (NAMSA), Northwood, OH, conducted the tests. NAMSA measured the reductions of some of the most common classes of microorganisms found on healthcare and food-industry work apparel, including bacteria, yeasts and molds – all of which are recognized as dangerous sources of potential cross-contamination. NAMSA’s analysis showed that UniFirst’s specialized garment processing can kill virtually all organisms that are tested.

“We’re obviously pleased that our UniSafe Service and the UniFirst Garment Service for Healthcare passed these microbial tests with flying colors,” said Adam Soreff, director of marketing and communications for UniFirst, based in Wilmington, MA. “The studies validate that our specialized services can effectively reduce microbiological contamination levels on related work garments, killing more than 99.9999% of pathogens. This is great news for our many food and healthcare-industry customers.”

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