Unitex Donates Textiles for Dog Beds

Posted January 28, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Unitex Textile Rental Services recently highlighted a partnership with two not-for-profit groups that accept charitable donations of recycled bed pads and other textiles from Unitex that are used by a network of dog shelters throughout the Northeast and beyond, according to a news release.

One of these groups is the Shelter Dog Bed Project. Founded in 2011 by Patty Hitchborn, she transforms donated textiles such as blankets and comforters into dog beds that have gone to shelters in 19 states. Another partner is the Shelter and Rescue Partnership, a network of some 60 animal rescue shelters in six states. Founded by John Iannuzzi, this group supports more than 75,000 animals per year.

Unitex was so impressed with the work of people like Iannuzzi and Hitchborn that it got involved and has donated more than 320,000 recycled bed pads for use in rescue shelters and kennels in a wide range of situations, including underpadding during surgical procedures and bedding for use during the transport of shelter animals.

Iannuzzi teams with Hitchborn and Unitex to take bed pads and transform them into comfortable dog beds. Every week, Iannuzzi picks up bed pads at Unitex’ Mt. Vernon, NY, headquarters. As a result of this partnership, thousands of dogs and other animals now have a warm and cozy place to sleep.

Unitex Vice President David Potack said his company is delighted to contribute to such as worthwhile effort. “We’re ecstatic to have the opportunity for an ongoing relationship with the Shelter Dog Bed Project,” Potack said. “Giving back is in our company’s DNA, and we realize the importance of giving back to our communities, its people, and of course, its animals. We hope this project will inspire others to do the same.” Click here to see the full release.