Upstate NY Laundry Weighs Move

Posted April 14, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Robison & Smith recently announced they’re considering relocating their 100-year-old commercial laundry from facilities in Gloversville and Johnstown, NY, an area dubbed the “Glove Cities” due to its 19th legacy of leather tanning and glove manufacturing.

The company, which processes food and beverage (F&B), industrial and healthcare textiles needs additional space and may move closer to Albany, according to a local news report. President Richard Smith is working with the Fulton County (NY) Center for Regional Growth (CRG) to discuss options, including possible state agency support.

Robison & Smith currently is looking at several cost-prohibitive factors. It’sreached capacity at its two Glove Cities’ plants and also is concerned about a county government report on future water shortages. In addition, the company’s customer base is closer to Albany, NY, and transportation costs are a concern. Founded in 1915, Robison & Smith employs 240 people. It serves customers across 16 cities and has three service centers in different counties.In addition to linen, uniform and mat services, Robison & Smith provides facility and restroom supplies and services.

The CRG board recently held a closed-door executive session meeting to discuss Robison & Smith’s request for either an existing building or incentives to build a new one in the area. "We've been working with Dick for a little while now to find alternative locations in Fulton County," says CRG President and CEO Ron Peters. Peters called Robison & Smith a "very valuable" area employer and "good citizens" in the community. Smith hopes to resolve the issue of whether to stay in the Glove Cities "sooner" than later, the report said. Click here for details