Videos Promote Clean Green Certified Companies

Posted May 17, 2013 at 3:55 pm

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TRSA’s Marketing & PR Committee has created a series of YouTube videos to highlight Clean Green, the certification that validates textile service operations’ sustainability with TRSA authentication of their exemplary water and energy conservation efforts and best-management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.

The four 1-to 2-minute videos support Clean Green companies in explaining the meaning of the certification to customers. One provides an overview; the others focus more closely on the value of reusable textiles, efficiencies of industrial-scale laundering and details of the standard.

In the first video, viewers learn why business use of an industrial-scale textile service for uniforms, linens, towels, floor mats and other launderable items is the sustainable choice. This video depicts why the industry’s textile product reuse practices are more environmentally friendly than washing on a smaller scale, or using disposables.

Key points in the other three videos include:

Positioning against disposables. Covering napkins, healthcare gowns and industrial towels, this presentation explains how reusables curb the environmental impacts of paper/plastic product manufacturing and disposal, dramatizing deforestation and solid-waste generation.

Positioning against home washing. Based on typical energy and water efficiency comparisons, calculations reflect the potential for huge savings in gallons of water and BTUs of energy by converting home-washing to industrial laundering: enough to quench and power whole cities and metropolitan areas. To realize this potential, employers are urged to choose Clean Green professional textile services for work garments.

Certified companies’ commitment. Criteria are described for becoming Clean Green certified, explaining exactly how companies that receive the designation reuse, reclaim and recycle. The soundtrack emphasizes that TRSA member companies have helped consumers and businesses make greener choices for over 100 years.