Webinar Details FleetDefense Training Program

Posted June 29, 2012 at 1:20 pm

A June 27 TRSA webinar unveiled the association’s FleetDefense online training program. This new platform provides interactive instruction for textile services employees who operate vehicles, such as route service representatives. Co-hosted by Vic Marchetti, vice president of Haylor, Freyer & Coon Inc., and Mitch Pulkys of AlertDriving, the hour-long presentation featured an in-depth walkthrough of the software.

After Marchetti gave a brief introduction about the FleetDefense program, Pulkys took over and gave webinar attendees a demonstration of the online, computer-based system. FleetDefense features a Hazard Perception Evaluation. This evaluation has two components – 20 real-life video scenarios and 20 questions on safe driving – that users can log in and take on their work computers, or at home.

“The programs fall into a few key areas,” Pulkys said while showing the system online. “To identify risk, to mitigate risk and to monitor risk. We know through the insurance industry that about 90% of all vehicle accidents are the result of driver behavior and we really targeted our training to address driver behaviors.”

Following this testing, an overall score is given to users based on their answers. This score takes into account their knowledge of the driving scenarios, and safe driving standards like speed management, etc. Users can review their questions and answers, and have the opportunity to see the correct answer to questions that they answered incorrectly. A risk rating for the driver is included in this assessment, and specific training modules are recommended, based on areas that the driver could improve upon. A specific targeted time frame for the driver to complete these follow-up training modules is given as well.

These training modules are shown on the user’s ‘My Activities’ homepage. This page shows the courses that the driver has finished and those that they are required to take. Each training module gives a brief overview of the problem, statistics that focus on the issue and a 3-5 minute video presentation on the topic. Following this presentation, the driver will take a quiz of 10 multiple-choice questions to test their knowledge.

The program includes an optional vehicle policy test. This quiz is designed to test employees on their knowledge of driving policy specific to that particular company.

Contact Marchetti at 800/289-1501 or vmarchetti@haylor.com for details on ordering FleetDefense, or for the opportunity to do a test run of the program. “We negotiated a discount of approximately 10% off the standard pricing for TRSA members,” Marchetti said. “The important thing is if you’re interested, give me a call, and we can get some dialogue going and put a quotation together for you from that. The cost is going to be varied because the spectrum is going to be pretty diverse for the membership.”