Westport Linen Services Adds Facility in Mississippi

Posted February 19, 2021 at 10:32 am

Healthcare laundry company Westport Linen Services recently expanded its operations with an additional processing facility in Greenville, MS. The project is a $5.8-million corporate investment and will create 75 new jobs and retain 75 existing jobs, according to a news release.

“We are extremely excited and fortunate to work with the city of Greenville, Washington County and the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA),” said Westport Linen CEO Eddie Lefeaux. “Our commitment is in creating a consistent job base that allows the employees to grow and excel in all facets of their careers. Our investment in technology and the latest equipment will ensure that we are here for the long term. Our clients will soon see that reliability and dependability with our products and services.”

Based in Baton Rouge, LA, Westport Linen purchased Broadway Linen Services in Greenville and will modernize the facility with three new manufacturing lines, allowing the company to process larger volumes of healthcare linens. The Greenville location allows for greater optimization of Westport Linen’s supply-chain network, reaching into Arkansas, northern Alabama and southwest Tennessee. Westport Linen currently serves healthcare providers in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas through three modern plants, which combined are capable of processing more than 82-million lbs. of healthcare linens per year.

“This year has gotten off to a great start in terms of job creation, and I am proud to announce even more jobs heading to our great state by way of Westport Linen,” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) said. “The company’s decision to retain 75 existing jobs in Greenville, in addition to creating 75 new jobs, is more great news as job retention also is critical to sustaining and building stronger communities. I thank the Westport Linen team for its investment in the Mississippi Delta and the region’s workforce.”

MDA is providing assistance for workforce training. Westport Linen also qualifies for Mississippi’s Growth and Prosperity (GAP) Program, which designates specific counties as GAP counties and provides income, franchise, sales and property tax incentives to companies that locate or expand in these areas of Mississippi. The program is designed to encourage development in economically challenged areas of the state.

Westport Linen began operations in Greenville in December 2020 and plans to begin making improvements to the facility in the near future. To read the full release, click here.