White Plains Linen: Helping Others Near & Far

Posted August 25, 2016 at 3:29 pm

White Plains Linen, a food and beverage (F&B) laundry operator based in Peekskill, NY, recently participated in two charitable efforts aimed at providing health-related assistance to two diverse groups of beneficiaries, according to local news reports.

One of these efforts was an initiative at the company’s plant that encouraged employees and members of the community to come in and donate blood to the New York Blood Center, which had declared an emergency shortage of blood. Staff at the plant as well as community members responded to the call for donations with 24 people coming forward to give blood, the reports said. Blood supplies typically run low during the summer months, and the Blood Center seeks to maintain a seven-day supply of all blood types at any given time to ensure that the needs of patients in area hospitals are met.

The second event that White Plains Linen was involved in focused on helping mothers and children in the African nation of Zimbabwe deal with the HIV/AIDS virus, the reports said. White Plains Linen President and CEO Bruce Botchman held a fundraiser at his home for the BEAT AIDS Project Zimbabwe. The group focuses on preventing the transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus from mothers to their unborn children. It also works with children who are infected with HIV/AIDS to get treatment for the illness.

Top donors at the fundraiser included Paramount Textiles and Harold Diamond of Diamond Chemical Co. Inc. – both longtime vendors to White Plains Linen. Click here and here to learn more.