WSI Raises Flag for Environmental Excellence

Posted December 1, 2017 at 4:40 pm

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TRSA associate member Washing Systems LLC (WSI), Loveland, OH, recently held a ceremony at its corporate headquarters outside Cincinnati to unveil a flag and plaque commemorating its Platinum Award from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) program. Staff members from Gov. John Kasich (R) and Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-OH) offices, as well as representatives from the Ohio EPA attended the Nov. 28 ceremony.

WSI is the first for-profit company to receive the agency’s Platinum Level award for its ongoing efforts in environmental stewardship, according to a news release. This follows previous recognition in 2014 when WSI earned a Silver Level award as part of the agency’s E3 program.

Craig W. Butler, Ohio EPA director, spoke at a podium outside the company’s corporate headquarters, shortly before a flag was raised in honor of the company’s achievement. “One of the tenets of this platinum level of achievement that we’re talking about today is how Washing Systems reaches out beyond the borders that you have within your company, and works with suppliers and other companies, to talk to them about this E3 level award program. Washing Systems is one of our first two organizations to reach this level of performance, and we consider it a real honor to be here.

“A key component is removing chemicals known to or suspected of causing environmental and human health issues. NPE causes reproductive issues and other human health impacts. The concerns are real, and we definitely applaud you having that laser-like focus on getting those out of your products. You’re also focused on producing detergents that clean textiles by using formulas that allow customers to use less water, lower water temperatures, conserve water energy and lead to customer savings.

“One thing that we really like is you have accepted this leadership role by working with the Water Quality Association, the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program, the Textile Rental Service Association and the Clean Green Development Committee. That’s why we’re proud not only to welcome you to this, but also to thank you for your work in helping us extol the virtues of the E3 Platinum Program. Congratulations to you all.”

In addition to Butler, WSI Vice Chairman Robert Fisher, CEO Terry Shoreman and Vice President of R&D Roy Praechter also made remarks at the ceremony. Shoreman said that, “I’d like to first thank Director Butler and the Ohio EPA for the great honor of becoming the first for-profit company to be awarded the E3 platinum award. I know it’s been mentioned, but at WSI we take our commitment to the environment and to the community very seriously. It is truly part of our day-to-day culture and decision making in every part of our organization.

“In fact, I know if you talk to anybody in our organization, we all know we’re driven by one simple guiding principle. It drives our cultures and our ultimate success. It’s very simple. It’s doing the right thing. Doing the right thing for our customers, our associates, our community and our environment. We’re constantly looking for their next offering. For over a decade, we have pledged that all of our R&D efforts will focus on product developments that improve productivity and profitability for our customers, while decreasing the detrimental impacts on the environment.”

Ohio’s E3 program recognizes businesses, nonprofits and government agencies for going above and beyond compliance with requirements, while demonstrating environmental excellence. In recognizing WSI with its Platinum-level award, the Ohio EPA cited the company’s products and processes specifically designed to eliminate chemicals of concern, reduce energy and water use, and increase productivity. These products include ClearPath™, a completely NPE- and phosphate-free portfolio of cleaning products, and the elimination of millions of pounds of chemistries removed from the environment through its products, Spectrum™ and Structure™. WSI carries the U.S. EPA “Safer Choice” designation on five of its cleaning solutions.

In addition to the flag-raising ceremony, attendees also were given a tour of the WSI facility, including its ISO-accredited Microbiological Laboratory and Innovation Laboratory areas.