Your costs will continue to rise
  • Minimum wage laws and workforce challenges will drive up your labor costs.
  • Decreased government reimbursements will curb your revenue.
  • Increased workplace-safety and infection-control regulations will raise the cost of your operations.
Don’t worry – there is hope

According to data gathered from hundreds of U.S. nursing homes and long term care facilities, doing your facility’s laundry yourself is too costly – and that’s without factoring in the changes above. Add to those changes factors such as increasing utility expenses and the costs of ‘going green’ and you have a tidal wave of incoming costs. Outsourcing your laundry requirements to a linen, uniform and facility services provider is the sure way to save money!

TRSA has developed the simple calculator above to show you the estimated annual savings you can get by outsourcing your laundry needs to a service provider in your area. If you like what you see, click Get Started – Locate a Provider to search by state for one right away.

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The formulas that TRSA uses to estimate the annual savings are based upon minimum wage levels as well as information from cost reports as submitted by hundreds of long-term care facilities in the U.S. Since conditions vary between facilities, the estimated annual savings will vary. TRSA is not liable for results determined by this calculator.