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Feed TRSA Directly To Your Browser

Tools you can use to speed your access to TRSA News & Blog headlines and details

TRSA News & Blog items are RSS-enabled so you can use web-based news readers to check our headlines and access our items. These utilities, such as Google Reader, allow you to consolidate feeds from various news sources onto one web page for easy access to all of them. The orange RSS icon appears just above the right side of the first headline in the scroll of items on the TRSA News & Blog page.

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to receive news feeds does not require a reader. You can simply make TRSA's feed one of your browser Favorites and command the browser to display TRSA News & Blog headlines on its Favorites toolbar for immediate access. Then, no matter what page you access on the web, this tab will always be present for you to check for new items anytime and click through to read their details. As interest in reading TRSA News & Blog grows, we will advise on how to accomplish this with various browsers and readers.

Initially we are providng help for the most recent version of Internet Explorer. The attached instructions are provided in PDF format to make it easy for you to print them out. These directions are for an "uncluttered" copy of IE8, one not already used for various feeds or readers. If you need help establishing the feed, please contact Ken Koepper, 703/519-0029, ext. 109;

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