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Human Resources Practices

Compare your organization’s approaches to those of companies on TRSA’s Human Resources Committee, described in a 2015 survey of some HR practices. Key results of this inquiry are explained on these webpages. Also featured here are replies to a questionnaire sent to TRSA members to capture their perspectives on employee attire. 

Corporate Training Case Study
A textile services company’s approach to training managers through small-group, interactive, face-to-face courses is portrayed and their favorite personnel development books are listed.

Dress Codes
Companies’ responses to a TRSA survey: samples of their complete policies and comments on issues that drive development of these.

Inspiring Reading
Microsoft Excel file of recommended reading from HR Committee member companies for textile services management and employees seeking greater personal and professional growth.

Professional Development Apps
For Android/iOS or iOS, apps that improve your leadership and management techniques through videos, case studies, research, how-to articles and other resources. Each app offers a unique set of features, from calendar capabilities to org chart assessment to document templates and more

Note on Safe Driving
The survey also highlighted that individual state Department of Transportation (DOT) websites often provide training resources for route drivers at little or no cost and educate drivers on current DOT laws that impact them.