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Why Certify?

TRSA certifications enable textile services operations to maximize competitiveness and credibility by receiving third-party verification that they conform to internationally recognized standards for environmental and social responsibility

Apply for Clean Green Certification

Apply for Hygienically Clean Certification

More businesses that use textile services are demanding that launderers become highly judicious in their use of natural resources and provide the highest possible levels of product cleanliness. These laundry customers, regardless of the industries in which they operate, need to minimize their carbon footprint and prevent bacterial contamination. Working with a TRSA certified laundry reassures them that their textile products are valuable assets in their efforts to minimize waste and control infection.

Reflects positively on laundry staff capabilities.Obtaining TRSA certification is a testimonial to the skill and knowledge of the teams who run the textile services operations that earn this distinction. Adherence to TRSA performance standards reflects staff capabilities and willingness to learn from TRSA, the organization that represents and serves more large-scale laundries than any association in the world.

Recognizes substantial effort.Textile services professionals committed to respecting the environment and minimizing the possibility their clean goods spread infection are dedicating significant amounts of time to these causes. TRSA certifications reward their savvy and dedication by providing them with the highest degree of backing and credibility that TRSA can offer.

Builds public reputation.Certification also sends a positive PR message. It asserts to the public that a textile services facility is operated responsibly and builds confidence that management has the community’s best interests in mind. Local leaders are increasingly sensitive to demands placed on resources and infrastructure and more concerned about the sustainability and public health impacts of the businesses in their jurisdictions. TRSA designations enable laundry management to prove they respect the surrounding community: its people and environment.

Adds credibility to all you do. From owners and investors in the businesses that operate laundry facilities to the consumers literally touched by the clean laundry produced, everyone expects textile services to adopt more responsible business practices. Certification acknowledges management’s concern for “green” techniques and infection control, creating a halo effect that positively influences customers’ perceptions of the laundry’s approach to other aspects of its business. Executives, managers and supervisors in textile services operations who have dedicated their attention to TRSA certification have proven their conscientiousness, a corporate culture trait that gives their operations a competitive edge.