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Why Use a Certified Laundry?

The stakeholders in your business are increasingly concerned about its sustainability. Can it continue to perform and improve in light of uncertain demand for its production and a possibly dwindling supply of resources required to generate this output?

Building confidence in your operation’s sustainability requires continuing communication with shareholders, customers, government and the public. As part of this challenge, all need to be assured of your efforts to maximize safety and health and minimize environmental impact. You require as much convincing proof as possible to demonstrate that you are achieving these goals.

Using a TRSA certified laundry contributes mightily to this endeavor:

-  Textile services companies that earn the Hygienically Clean designation have turned to a third party (TRSA) to attest to their laundry processes being designed to produce laundry that meets the AAMI definition of "hygienically clean."

- Laundries with TRSA Clean Green certification do the same to verify their conservation of water and energy and their techniques that reuse, reclaim and recycle these and other resources.

In addition, conformance by textile services operations to recognized standards for environmental and social responsibility reflects high performance in multiple aspects of laundering. You can expect responsive and timely customer service as well as excellent goods quality from laundry professionals who earning the Clean Green and Hygienically Clean certifications. Conserving resources and ensuring hygienic goods production to these programs’ standards are advanced management proficiencies. These individuals cannot achieve certification until they master the fundamentals of washing, drying, removing wrinkles and producing proper textile product inventory levels when you need them.

Other metrics such as high productivity and workplace safety rates reflect laundry proficiency. A textile services operation that earns TRSA certification and maintains TRSA membership is committed to the highest levels of excellence in these metrics as well as efficiency, cleanliness and environmental protection. Only TRSA members can be part of the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program (LaundryESP®), documenting their conservation efforts and reporting their practices collectively—benchmarking to foster improvement individually.

You recognize every individual’s responsibility to minimize consumption of natural resources. Your business’s bottom line and reputationbenefit from increased sustainability. The new economy demands more scientific assessments of the health impacts and environmental footprintof management practices. Your use of a TRSA certified laundry indicates your personal conscientiousness and willingness to perform to the highest standards in matters related to all these issues.