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TRSA Certifies 11 Companies as Hygienically Clean

Opportunity to quantify cleanliness drives increased interest; 100% rise in certifications on the horizon

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Launderers Choosing Hygienically Clean Certification at Accelerating Pace

Eleven textile services plants received TRSA Hygienically Clean certification during the quarter ending May 31. That’s more than any three-month period since March 2013, when 12 facilities earned the designation at the start of the program. Another 42 plants have applied for the certification and more are indicating interest. These developments portend a strong likelihood of a quick doubling of the 38 laundries currently in the program.

The following facilities earned the designation between March and May:

  • Ames Linen Service, Cortland, NY
  • Cintas Corp., West Palm Beach, FL
  • CleanCare Linen, Pittsburgh
  • Crescent Laundry, Davenport, IA
  • Crown Linen Service Inc., Boston
  • Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, Jessup, PA
  • Economy Linen & Towel, Zanesville, OH
  • Hospital Cooperative Laundry, Denver
  • Loop Linen Service Inc., Westwego, LA
  • Superior Linen Supply, Kansas City, MO
  • Up To Date Laundry Inc., Baltimore

“Hygienically Clean has become the fastest-growing textile services certification by focusing on outcomes and test results, allowing laundries in compliance with federal, state and professional standards to use documented operating procedures for sorting, handling, processing and finishing reusable linens and garments,” said TRSA President & CEO Joseph Ricci.

Hygienically Clean is the only certification that quantifies cleanliness through third-party biological testing and inspection of laundered reusable textiles relying on outcomes based on European and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards and best-management practices.

Hygienically Clean certification differentiates textile services companies through the following methods:

·        Quantifiable– only certification that requires goods to be tested by an independent lab to verify that they are Hygienically Clean

·        Objectivity– only certification using internationally recognized standards, independent inspection and ongoing testing as the ultimate judge of hygiene

·        Continuous– only certification requiring laundries to pass ongoing microbial testing demanding consistent performance

·        ISO Guidelines– ISO states that production processes are not reliable indicators of product quality, only product-specific testing can earn certification

·        Internationally Recognized– based on established international standards that can be applied around the world across all textile services customer markets

“Professional washing, drying and ironing techniques have long been recognized for effectively preventing textile products from spreading infectious disease,” Ricci said. “TRSA Hygienically Clean certification takes this to a higher level, setting a cleanliness standard that establishes a quantified baseline.”

To date, most launderers have sought the Hygienically Clean Healthcare designation for the benefit of their customers who are medical providers. The program recently expanded with the development of specialized guidelines for the food safety market, also emphasizing best practices for laundry processes and quality control practices verified through facility inspection and microbial testing of reusable textiles. Hygienically Clean Food Safety adds evaluation of a laundry’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) practices and other techniques relevant to handling and processing textile products for this market, including adherence to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) directives.

TRSA’s contact for Hygienically Clean certification is Angela Freeman. Contact her at or 877.770.9274, ext. 111 (outside the United States, dial 703.519.0029).