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Laundry Operations and Management

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New! 200-page guide provides an overview of all aspects of laundry operations. Compiled and written by industry professionals, it's a primer on procedures, technologies and transactions of production, sales and service. It is the only resource that explains how every manager and employee affects every stage in the laundry process. Nowhere else will you find as many insights for industry newcomers and veterans alike about industry best practices for processing linens, uniforms and other items.

Processes are detailed for serving every customer market (Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality and Industrial). Easy-to-read, illustration-filled chapters explain procedures, technologies and transactions of production, sales and service as they apply to plant workflow.

All management and employee positions in laundries are described with emphasis on how departments work together. An introduction covers the industry’s importance to customers (facilities, services, textiles, markets, history). Maintenance (engineering), safety, and textile basics and product life are detailed

Laundry Operations and Management is the official text of the TRSA Production Management Institute (PMI).

  • Soil Sorting
  • Washing
  • Drying and Finishing
  • Pack Out (Inventory)
  • Delivery


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