Best management practices for operations and promotion in servicing hotels, bed and breakfasts and other lodging industry segments.

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Hospitality Safety Guide

Tools for linen, uniform and facility services to guide hoteliers’ procurement and use of your services to maximize protection of their guests and employees

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Achieving Clean Green and Hygienically Clean Hospitality designations provides third-party verification of sustainability and cleanliness in linen, uniform and facility services operations, building credibility in the hospitality market and improving efficiency.

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On-Demand Learning

Use with prospective hires or production employee training; videos demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out hospitality (hotel) items. Preview recorded webinars on production, sales and service and other topics; watch them at your own pace

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Build Hotel Linen/Uniform Business, Euro-Style


Use this research to support marketing and communications to hospitality/hotel markets

Research | Hotel-Resort Laundry Benchmarking KitExecutive Summary
Business-to-Business SurveyConsumer Survey

Media & In the News

TRSA promotes the value and benefits of linen, uniform and facility services that enhance businesses, retailers, healthcare facilities, restaurants, government and other organizations

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Consumer Outreach

TRSA raises awareness and educates customers about the value and benefits of linen, uniform and facility services such as image, safety, cleanliness and sustainability, as well as cost savings and waste reduction. Outreach generates millions of website visits, impressions, likes, inquiries and shares each year.

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Magazine Articles

TRSA’s award-winning Textile Services monthly magazine captures linen, uniform and facility services operators’ strategies and tactics that ensure sales success in hotel/lodging markets and provides insights into technologies that ensure efficiency and effectiveness in delivering hygienically clean textiles to these laundry customers.

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Technology Updates
Dryers – Innovation and Durability for Maximum Competitiveness
Tunnel Washers – Modern Workhorses Process Textiles Better than Ever