Hotel-Resort Laundry Benchmarking Kit

Download this zip folder containing spreadsheets and a document to launch TRSA’s Hotelier Survey with hotel customers.

Hotel-Resort Laundry Benchmarking Kit (.zip)

Completing this questionnaire will demonstrate to them the benefit they receive from contracting with your organization for linen service. Combined responses from all of these customers served by outsourced laundries will enable TRSA to prove the economic value of outsourcing.

The zip folder kit includes the following:

  • Hotelier Survey, an Excel file you attach to an email to your selected customers
  • Sample Email for Hotelier Survey to help you write this email, explaining that customers can complete the survey by filling out the Excel file and emailing it to Greystone Marketing OR taking the survey online
  • Hotelier Survey Distribution List to indicate to Greystone the customers to whom you will send the survey OR direct Greystone to send the survey to them for you
  • Industry Survey for your company to complete to further attest to the value of outsourcing hotel laundry

Download the Hotel-Resort Laundry Benchmarking Kit

TRSA is grateful to the following TRSA members for lending their names to this effort. Their recognition in the hotel market is important to establishing TRSA’s credibility among hoteliers.