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Compensation & Benefits Report

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Analyzing Compensation for Line & Management Employees; Evidence that uniform rental and linen supply companies are an excellent place to work abounds in this compilation of statistics on the industry’s pay and fringe-benefit practices.

Compensation Surveys:  PDF format   |   Excel format

The TRSA Plant Employee Compensation Report quantifies differences in pay and benefits between various types of linen, uniform and facility services operations for the range of exempt and non-exempt positions in the industry. Companies are classified similarly to the TRSA Industry Performance Report, enabling readers to contrast the offerings of specialists (healthcare, hospitality, industrial, mixed) and local, regional and national operations.

Companies use this data to compare their pay and benefits with operations similar to theirs in these respects:

– Line of Business: Typical TRSA, Food & Beverage Linen, Industrial, Healthcare, Mixed
– Analysis by Number of Locations: Single Plant & Multiple Plants (2, 3 or more)
– Sales Volume Analysis (Under $7M, $7-15M, $15-35M, $35M+
Data reported for each of the above categories:
– Demographic Information
– Exempt Plant Employee Compensation
– Non-exempt Plant Employee Hourly Wages
– Fringe Benefit Programs
One-paragraph job descriptions are also included to facilitate comparison