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TRSA Industry Performance Report

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Compilation of financial statements from survey participants creates benchmarking data that allows companies to identify strategies, markets and best practices to facilitate their growth and long-term success.

Download Survey in PDF format | Download Survey in Excel spreadsheet format

Linen, uniform and facility services companies use the TRSA Performance Report to compare their detailed financial results with operations similar to theirs in these respects:

  • Line of Business: typical TRSA; predominantly industrial, food & beverage, or healthcare; or mixed (balanced) linen and industrial.
  • Number of Locations: single, 2 or 3, 4 and over.
  • Sales Volume: under $5 million in annual revenue; $5 million to $10 million; $10 million to $20 million; and over $20 million.
Statements and metrics compiled for each of the above categories:
  • Return on Investment
  • Production Profile
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Ratios
  • Employee Productivity Ratios
Trend Analysis section offers data on last five years for each major industry segment:
  • F&B Rental
  • Industrial Rental
  • Healthcare Rental
  • Mixed Rental

TRSA members who participate in the survey (links to questionnaire above) receive at no cost a customized digital copy of the survey results for easy benchmarking. Non-participants can purchase the report.