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Industry Sustainability Survey

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Download Survey Questionnaire (Excel Spreadsheet)

Persistent drought in U.S. regions has heightened interest in water usage – especially among legislators and regulators at the state and federal level. In the nation’s capital, regulators are implementing rules and regulations pertaining to reduction in energy usage and stationary-source emissions.

Federal EPA has long reached out to TRSA regarding the industry’s water use and energy consumption. Policy makers at all levels are increasingly aware of the textile services industry as a source of environmental impact.

TRSA’s Industry Sustainability Survey highlights the commercial laundry industry’s positive efforts in part to protect the industry from unnecessary regulatory involvement from federal and state policy makers.  Derived from the previous Laundry ESP program, this effort is more targeted and it’s easier for laundries to submit data.

The TRSA Industry Sustainability Survey benchmarks the commercial laundry industry’s success in reducing water and energy demand to process laundry. Results are used to compare this progress against other industries’ conservation performance to show that the commercial laundry industry should not be regulated to reduce water and energy consumption.

TRSA member and nonmember operators are welcome to participate.

For more information, contact John MacKay, 720.890.4255.