Carbon Footprint

A popular measure of the “greening” of a business is its progress in reducing its carbon footprint or carbon dioxide emissions.

LaundryESP® Results

All businesses emit carbon because they use electricity: the emissions occur at the facilities where their electricity is generated.  LaundryESP® sums these with forms of in-laundry energy use at textile services facilities to determine the industry’s annual carbon footprint and expresses this as a total of pounds of carbon dioxide per pound of textiles processed. The accompanying graph shows this figure has declined by 24% over 13 years, from 0.47 pounds of CO2 per pound of textiles to 0.36 pounds.

If the industry produced CO2 emissions in 2009 at the same rate as 1997, the total would have been 6.135 billion pounds rather than the actual 4.66 billion pounds. This means textile services facilities avoided 1.476 billion pounds of emissions in 2009, the equivalent of:

  • Taking 134,000 typical cars off the road
  • Planting about 30 million trees