Laundry Pounds

Busier facilities produce greater economies

LaundryESP® Results

TRSA member facilities have produced more pounds of laundry per work hour over the years due to laundry employees’ dedication to greater efficiency and effectiveness and management’s commitment to upgrading machinery and operating practices. This increase is also a testimonial to sales growth thanks to employees who visit prospective customers and serve existing accounts; these individuals have done a better job demonstrating their companies’ versatility in enabling businesses to project a clean and attractive public image.

The LaundryESP®  survey reveals a:

  • 36% overall production per facility increase in 12 years, from about 8.6 million pounds of textiles laundered in 1997 to 11.7 million pounds in 2009
  • 2.6% average annual increase

Also contributing to this growth was the increase in facility size and efficiencies gained by consolidating accounts into fewer locations. The U.S. economic recession was likely most responsible for the small decline in average facility production since 2006.