TRSA How to Videos

Learn how to navigate and access TRSA online services.

 New Create Account Process | New Online Store | Event Registration – Individual | Event Registration – Group | On-Demand Learning Walkthrough

New Create Account Process

A step-by-step narrated video that will walk you through the steps of creating your TRSA account, setting your password and building a profile to enhance your experience. Please have an email you wish to use ready when you set up your account.

New Online Store

This narrated video will explain the changes made to the TRSA store. Although you can browse the store without a TRSA account, you’ll see accurate pricing and content by using your TRSA login. If you don’t have a TRSA account, please follow the instructions in the above video. Tutorial includes choosing products/quantities/payment/shipping address instructions.

New Online Event Registration – Individual

Narrated video includes full instructions for individual event registration, including building your attendee profile (accommodations needed, etc.), payment and registration confirmation.

New Online Event Registration – Group

PLEASE NOTE: If you or someone else at your company would like to register groups, please contact TRSA through phone at 703.519.0029 or via LiveChat.

Step-by-step narrated video instruction for a purchaser to register two or more individuals from the same company. Instructions cover applying multi-event registration discounts and sending email confirmations to multiple addresses.

On-Demand Learning Walkthrough

Step-by-step narrated video instructions for customers on how to use the TRSA On-Demand Learning portal. Instructions cover how to find the portal, ordering a course/webinar and finally viewing a course/webinar.