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TRSA's 2015 Textile Services Industry Safety Report indicates that TRSA members perform better in workplace safety than the linen and uniform supply (LUS) industry as a whole in two key metrics:
26% better in days away from work, job restriction or transfer (DART rate)
28% better in total recordable injuries and illnesses (TRIR)
Contributing to members’ enhanced performance are the resources of this SafeTRSA portal, which provides training materials, exercises, tests and reference materials to tackle some of the industry’s most difficult challenges. These documents can be customized to fulfill each individual member company’s needs.
We want your workplace safety questions! 
Whether it’s a question about OSHA’s newest standard, blood-borne pathogens, or the first step to creating a safety program in your organization, TRSA’s Safety Committee can help!  If you have a safety-related question that you’d like answered, send it to and TRSA’s Safety Committee, which consists of 22 TRSA members responsible for their organizations’ safety and health, will offer their expertise.