As the only collective voice of the industry, TRSA strengthens and promotes the linen, uniform and facility services industry by advocating for pro-business regulatory and legislative policy.

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TRSA advocates directly with federal, state and local officials, participates in coalitions and initiates grassroots activity to ensure that the government hears the industry’s voice when ruling on relevant tax, workplace safety, labor, energy and water concerns. TRSA proactively builds linen, uniform and facility services providers’ reputation in Washington D.C. by promoting to Congress and federal agencies the value and benefits of the industry. TRSA consistently monitors and reports on new and evolving federal, state and local initiatives, particularly bills on tax, workplace safety, labor, energy and water concerns.

Legislation and Regulation

TRSA develops relationships with federal, state and local legislators and regulators to inform and educate them on the impact that policy makes on linen, uniform and facility services operations. We constantly monitor and proactively address issues related to labor, compliance, tax, and environmental policy. TRSA garners support for fair and balanced regulation and taxation that protects the industry’s standard operating practices.

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Government Relations

Member engagement is key to our success at the federal and state levels. TRSA members communicate on behalf of our industry to legislative and regulatory leaders. TRSA facilitates engagement among our members and their representatives through various national, regional and local meetings and events, including Capitol Hill visits, state lobby days, plant tours, letter campaigns, and our annual Legislative Conference.

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TRSA’s Political Action Committee (TRSAPAC) contributes to the campaigns of federal legislators who help our industry by supporting pro-business legislation and regulations focused on tax, workplace safety, labor, energy and water concerns.  The TRSAPAC allows eligible employees from member companies to make contributions and participate in the political process. The PAC system is widely acknowledged as the most effective means for an industry to exercise its constitutional right to participate in political campaigns.

TRSA Political Action Committee

Legal Defense Fund (LDF)

The LDF provides TRSA with the resources needed to initiate action and intervention in matters pertinent to our industry involving legislatures, regulatory agencies, federal and state courts and other legal proceedings.