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As the only collective voice of the industry, TRSA strengthens and promotes the linen, uniform and facility services industry by advocating for pro-business regulatory and legislative policy.
  • TRSA advocates directly with federal, state and local officials; participate in coalitions; and initiates grassroots activity to ensure that the government hears the industry’s voice when ruling on relevant tax, workplace safety, labor, energy and water concerns.
  • TRSA proactively builds linen, uniform and facility services providers’ reputation in Washington by promoting to Congress and federal agencies the value and benefits of the industry.
  • TRSA consistently monitors and reports on new and evolving federal, state and local initiatives , particularly bills on tax, workplace safety, labor, energy and water concerns.


Learn about new and ongoing legislative initiatives TRSA is monitoring, tracking and reporting to develop appropriate responses and ensure the industry’s voice is heard continuously.


Member support allows TRSA to proactively address and respond to efforts by federal, state and local agencies to institute new rules that harm the industry. We educate key audiences in Washington and across the nation about the need to efficiently and effectively resolve issues to preserve our industry’s viability.

Government Relations

TRSA members positively and regularly communicate our industry’s message to legislative and regulatory leaders through plant tours and various national, regional and local meetings and events. Learn more about government processes and find information and resources for making effective and timely public statements on our issues.


TRSA’s Political Action Committee (TRSAPAC) contributes to the campaigns of federal legislators who help our industry by supporting pro-business legislation and regulations focused on tax, workplace safety, labor, energy and water concerns.  The TRSAPAC allows eligible employees from member companies to make contributions and participate in the political process. The PAC system is widely acknowledged as the most effective means for an industry to exercise its constitutional right to participate in political campaigns.

Media Releases & In the News

TRSA reports on new and evolving federal, state and local initiatives, particularly bills on tax, workplace safety, labor, energy and water concerns.


TRSA is re-investing revenue from its certification programs to raise awareness and educate customers about the value and benefits of linen and uniform services such as image, safety, cleanliness and sustainability, as well as cost savings and waste reduction. These efforts include advertising, exhibits and social media supported by research and benchmarking as demonstrated in animations, white papers and training resources for linen loss, handling clean and soiled healthcare linens, OPL Calculators for Healthcare and Hospitality and more. These initiatives have generated thousands of visits, impressions, likes, inquiries and views, as well as orders for the Six C’s of Handling Soiled Healthcare Linen training and Users Communities for Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurants and Industrial/Uniform customers.

These outreach efforts are also supported by Research on Business-to-Business and Consumer Perceptions, and Life Cycle Assessments and Benchmarking for Performance, Safety and Sustainability.

Read and Search Textile Services magazine for covered and results of these and other Linen and Uniform Customer Outreach initiatives.