TRSA Antitrust Statement

The Do’s and Don’ts for textile service companies and associates pertaining to the antitrust laws.

TRSA strongly recommends that every operator and associate provide a copy of this document to employees that have any contact with customers, prospects and competitors to ensure that employees are informed that you have a zero tolerance policy regarding the violation of the antitrust laws.

It is the policy of TRSA that its business is conducted in full compliance with all applicable laws, including federal and state antitrust laws of the United States, Canada, and other nations of its members, and that its affairs are conducted with the highest ethical standards.In accordance with this policy, members of the association should not discuss, in any manner prohibited by the anti-trust laws, matters involving price or pricing policy, terms and conditions of sale, the allocation of territories or customers, or any action that would restrain competition. Violation of the antitrust policy will subject the member to appropriate disciplinary action.

An equal responsibility for antitrust compliance, which includes an avoidance of even an appearance of improper activity, rests with the individual directors, officers, employees and members of the organization. It is a basic principal of American antitrust laws that competitors may not restrain competition among themselves with reference to the price, quality, or distribution of any products, and they may not act in concert to restrict the competitive capabilities or opportunities of their competitors, suppliers, or customers.

Penalties for violating the antitrust laws are severe, subjecting corporations to criminal penalties, as well as civil damage judgments and injunctive decrees. Individuals also are subject to criminal prosecution and may be punished by fines or imprisonment.

It is imperative that TRSA Board members, officers, volunteer leaders, staff and members work conscientiously to avoid any discussion that may have unintended implications. In the event that any questions or concerns arise, please consult with TRSA legal counsel.

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