Maintenance Certificate Program

The TRSA Maintenance Certificate Program designation verifies an established level of expertise and experience.

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About the Certificate Program

TRSA has partnered with TPC Training, a leader in industrial training and workforce management solutions, to offer a new online program for maintenance tech positions, offering plants a way to advance the experience and training of their plant maintenance crew without taking them out of the plant.

The program offers three types of maintenance tech training: Maintenance Tech 1, Maintenance Tech 2 and Maintenance Manager. Each maintenance tech type is broken into two certification levels and can be completed in less than 1 year averaging 2-4 hours per week. An engineer with no experience to a more experienced engineer can test out of certain classes to obtain the level of certificate the student is attempting to achieve.  Taking the full course load could take up to six years to complete full 3 certificates.

This order includes a 365-day subscription to all classes and levels of the Maintenance Certificate Program.

Why Enroll in the Certificate Program?

Every profession requires specialized skills. Laundry operators desire confirmation that their staff possess these skills. Employees can build their skillset in maintenance management and learn practical skills that can be applied on the job right away and increase their value to their organization, without even leaving the plant.

The Maintenance Certificate Program gives maintenance employees the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge to increase productivity and allows employers to recognize and reward valued employees and verify expertise and experience.

Maintenance Certificate Program Tracks

The training program offers tiered levels that cover the essential topics and skills that are needed to succeed in the tech maintenance field, such electrical, mechanical systems, process controls, energy conservation and much more. Trainees will also learn how to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain various types of equipment and machinery.

The courses do not focus on specific types of equipment, but give the student skills to be able to repair equipment learning certain knowledge of mechanical, electrical, pneumatics etc.  There are no courses on washers, dryers etc.

Maintenance Tech 1

The first part of curriculum for Level 1 (17 classes total) begins with seven classes on fundamentals. Six additional classes focus on mechanical systems including basic mechanics, lubrication, bearings, pumps, and basic hydraulics and pneumatics. One class each covering industrial hazards and machine tools and two classes on machine shop practices complete Level 1, Curriculum  1.

The second curriculum for Level 1 (15 classes total) includes five electrical classes, one class each of bulk material handling, how power plants work and maintaining waste water equipment. There are six classes that focus on various process controls and controllers to complete Level 1, Curriculum 2.

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Maintenance Tech 2

Maintenance Level 2 (16 classes total) builds on what was taught during Level 1. Curriculum 1 includes three more fundamental classes,  three in depth mechanical systems classes and thee additional power plant operations.  New content is provided on energy conservation.

The second curriculum for Level 2 (14 classes total) expands with four classes in electrical and four new classes in electronics.  The topic of mechanical maintenance application rounds out the curriculum with seven classes.

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Maintenance Manager

The final level of training prepares candidates for management and includes 10 hours of OSHA training plus final classes in conservation, rigging equipment, process controls, electronics, mechanical systems, and a leadership training class. (10 classes total)

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Purchase TRSA's Maintenance Certificate Program*

This order includes a 365-day subscription to all classes and levels of the Maintenance Certificate Program.

How to Earn Certificates

A one-year subscription gives trainees access to a series of classes that will build upon each other. The courses are online and self-paced, so trainees can complete the program at their own pace and students can study whenever and wherever is convenient.

  • One 365-day pass allows you access to all required classes within the programs and any bonus classes a trainee might be interested in.
  • Program is self-paced with online quizzes & tests at the end of each course.
  • Trainees don’t have to do the programs in order, but it is encouraged so that you get all 3 certificates. It makes it easier to take the programs in order, since there is overlap.
  • Classes within a program can be taken in any order.
  • You can test out of any course at any time, if you feel comfortable enough, by taking the quizzes at the end of each class.
  • Program certificate will be granted at the end of each level.
  • Some courses are available in Spanish, we will work with you.
  • Typically, each full program certificate takes 1-2 years if you keep an average pace of four hours per week. Testing out of classes,  if one has enough knowledge about a subject, will allow a participants to speed up the process.

*This order includes a 365-day subscription to all classes and levels of the Maintenance Certificate Program.